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and rates

The EzyNode E-learning School Package includes:

  • Customized Website (E-learning Management System)

  • Mobile app for your devices

  • Animated info-mercials for your marketing

  • Basic and Upgrade Training and Seminars

  • Online Phone Application

Rates are based on the number of students enrolled in your school.

MicrosoftTeams-image (7).png

500+ Students

70 Php monthly per student

200+ to 300 Students

130 Php monthly per student


300+ to 500 Students

100 Php monthly per student

200 students and below

150 Php monthly per student



What comes with it?

  • Interactive Activities

  • Online exams and assessment tools

  • Automated real-time grading reports

Additional charges apply for content creation,

Send us an email for details.

All learning content will be made based on learning

materials and question sets provided by your school.

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