Cross Platform Mobile App

The system tailors the content so as to ensure that it is available offline for learners to access from anywhere and anytime from any device that are available to them even when there are no internet connections available.

Interactive Games and Activities

Enriching Experience of learners by engaging them with exciting interactive games/activities, Real-time auto-scoring, and reward system.

Track, Measure and Report

Track learner's activity, their scores and make results available for learners and their parent/carer to see in real-time.

Flexible Integration

Integrating best in breed tools which enhances the experiences of both teachers and students.

Secure, Reliable and Fast

State of the art Data Centre to ensure 99.9% uptime and scalability to allow for unlimited schools and students.

Chat and Collaborate

Chat between teachers, students, classmates within each class group.  An optional click2talk integration is also available to allow learners to talk to teachers or admin staff directly from the system using their builtin microphone and speaker.


(Day 1)

Your school site is provisioned along with its own dedicated database. Personalization of your school identity and brand is applied. Your account manager coordinates the training schedules.


(Day 2)

Your assigned trainer will train your admin/system admin staff and teaching staff on how to navigate and put the different type of contents into the system. Show you how to get to our video training reference site.


(Day 3)

Teachers and admin staff start to put content into the system by either importing and creating new content. This is a vital step to get staff to start using the system and get familiar. It is also important to note that your dedicated trainer will be a call away using our Click2Talk.

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